Monday, 19 June 2017

Skylahs 8th birthday

Paytonn made this birthday sign for Skylah. I  have the most caring class ever !!!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Passion week 2017 photos

Term 2, week 7

Kia Ora Whanau/caregivers

I have been sick with that yucky flu that has been going around. I haven't posted any passion week photos, so here they are.
Jahneequa and Nivanna holding up their paper bag monsters

Group canvas of passion week so we wouldn't ever forget

Photo frames

Skylah and her amazing drawings

Jahneequa with her paper bag creation

Manga being busy, haapy and focused

We have parent teacher interviews Tuesday week 9. Tuesday 27th June. I would love to see heaps of parents so we can talk about your child's learning journey!!!

Please make sure your children have a warm jersey in their bag. It is very chilly in the mornings.

Have a great week

Mrs Birchall, Mrs Graham and room 8

Friday, 26 May 2017

Passion week 2017

Term 2, week 4

Kia Ora whanau/ caregivers

I hope you have had a great week, Passion week is coming up soon. Please ask your child what they are excited about learning!!

I handed out a term 2 newsletter this week. Here is a copy  just in case you missed out on it.

Welcome back to Term 2!!!!  Room 8’s newsletter for this term is about reinforcing what we are learning about, up and coming events and how you can support your child to be the best that they can be.

Our Inquiry focus this term is  looking at systems.  We have an overarching theme of whānaungatanga and looking to include  recycling where we can. We are aiming to have less litter in your child’s lunch boxes. Please ask them how we can achieve this and how we can have less rubbish at school and in the community.

Junior school PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. This term we are looking at increasing child’s skills in dodging, catching and invasion games.

Room 8’s class blog is http -  The children love having their mahi commented on please come and visit our blog so you can capture your child’s learning in action.

My class has a planning site that you can also visit,

I would really appreciate your continued support to listen to your child read each night, please record their learning in the reading log. Some tamariki already have read over 25 night in a row!!  Please remember they need to bring their book bag to school each day.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via phone, email or a school visit.

Your continued whānau support is everything to your own child!

Mrs Louise Birchall ( Kaiako)

Have a great week, oops by the way our new children from Mrs O'brien have settled in really nicely. Congrats to Skylah and Ziggy for earning a classs certificate on Friday. The stem challenge on Friday also was heaps of fun. We made very interesting and creative marshmellow bridges and towers!! Everyone worked together and helped by being supportive by using whanauntanga.

Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Saturday, 20 May 2017

More farm pictures

Term 2, Week 3

Kia Ora Whanau/ caregivers

I found some more pictures from the class trip to add to our blog. The children are making a display in the class  to show the  milk process from grass to  finished products.

It is passion week in two weeks, please talk to your children about this exciting  week. I have been asking them what they would like to be learning about, I have some great ideas to keep me motivated also.

You are all welcome to join in on passion week, if you would like to be included just come and see me.

This is the farm dog Jess

Fresh rich delicious milk coming out from the vat.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I look forward to seeing everybody at school on Monday.
Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Friday, 12 May 2017

Junior school farm trip to Ohaeawai!!

Term 2, week 3

Kia Ora Whanau/parents

On Friday we visited  Terence and Suzanne Brocx 's farm in Ohaeawai.  The children learnt to take risks, experience new learning opportunities, conquer their fears, laugh, move out of their comfort zone and bond with their amazing teachers.

#DairyNZ and school kit allowed this amazing opportunity for the tamariki to happen. DairyNZ paid for the bus, each child received an amazing fun filled day, a chocolate calciyum and a Rosie pack filled with goodies.

Everyone involved was amazing,  A very BIG thank you goes out to Terence, Suzanne, Craig, T, Jared and Helen. The day was well planned out.

Here is just a photo below from our day, more pics to come

Thank you also to the whanau who came and supported us, Pauline, Logan and Erana.

Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Welcome back to term 2,2017

Term 2, week 2

Welcome back to term 2. This is going to be a fantastic term.

I would like to welcome Patunghere, Ashleigh, Paige and Frankie, they all transferred from room 14. I hope they enjoy learning and building friendships with us in room 8.

This week also we had two more children join our  whanau in room 8, Nikkiyah and Te Arairangi.  It is wonderful to see how many children have chosen Kaikohe west as their new school.

Next Friday 12th May all of the year 2 and 3's are going to have a farm trip to Okaihau. It is going to be very exciting. Please make sure  all children have a bigger lunch, drink, warm clothes and gumboots just in case it is muddy.

We now have 24 children in room 8!!!  how we have grown. Mrs smith will be teaching Monday and Tuesday and Ma Te Hira will be in Wednesday to Friday in room 8, while I complete my Reading recovery training.

Here is a gorgeous photo of my lovely class ( everyone was even here to take the photo!!!)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Please don't forget your permission slips for the farm they are all due back next Wednesday, See you all on Monday

Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Friday, 7 April 2017

Room 8 #GetNZWriting

Term 1, Week 10

Well only another week to go Whanau then it's the Easter holidays.  Next week we have parent teacher interviews on Tuesday 11th April from 3.30-5.30.  Just ring and leave a message with Whaea Chanelle at the office.

I hope to see lots of you there so we can discuss your child's learning and there next steps.

I captured some photos from #GetNZ writing that we posted to Mellonsbay school in Howick,Auckland.

Here is our mahi we created about room 8 at Kaikohe West school

Our postcards we created using metaphors about ourselves

Our completed mahi in the courier bag ready to be sent off

Darcy and Ariana showing of their certificates!!

Have a great week, see you all next week.
Mrs Birchall and Mrs Smith

Friday, 31 March 2017

Writing with Mrs Smith

Term 1, week 9

Welcome to week 9, only 2 more weeks to go until we finish term one. Wow, the term has flown so so quickly. It has been fantastic having Mrs Smith team teaching in room8!!  The tamariki are loving having another dynamic  teacher to learn from.

This week Matua Gus and Mrs Smith read them a story book The spooky bats. They drew the pictures and captions and then sequenced the story in the correct order.
The class's learning intention and front cover

Pages 10 and 9

Pages 8 and 7

Pages 6 and 5

Pages 4 and 3

Pages 2 and 1

I am so proud of room 8's fantastic mahi. They all worked super hard to re create the book The spooky bats.

Room 8 was also involved with #getNZwriting. We exchanged our learning with Mellonsbay school in Howick, Auckland. We will be receiving our postcards and poster in the next week.
Have a fantastic week. Please don't forget we have parent teacher interviews Tuesday 11th April  from 3.30-5.30.

Mrs Birchall and Mrs Smith

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Welcome Mrs Smith to Room 8

Term 1, week 7

This week we have really exciting news. Mrs Smith our wonderful DP is going to be teaching in room 8  every day from 11.00-1.00pm. She will be teaching writing and maths.

During these two hours I will be continuing my reading recovery through the year!!!  I am so excited to be team teaching with Mrs Smith, she is a talented teacher and we will all benefit from her knowledge, skills, strategies and experience she has to offer.

Keep watching this space so we can post what is happening in room 8!!

This week also all of the junior school will be going for a walk up Monument hill  to further connect with the identity of Kaikohe and ourselves!!

Please also don't forgot please return the permission slip to allow your child to go on the trip to Auckland in August this year.

Have a great week😄😄

Mrs Birchall, Mrs Smith and Room 8.

Saturday, 25 February 2017


Term 1, Week 4

Kia Ora Whanau,

Next week I am  on release all week, to complete my reading recovery assessments. Whaea Desiree will be teaching in room 8 all week.   Well done to Skylah and Gerrat  for receiving a class certificate on Friday!
Please make her feel welcome!!  Reading in room 8 has offically started your child will be bringing home 2 new books per week.
If they read with the teacher on a monday, that same book will be re read on a Tuesday. If your child reads with the teacher on Wednesday that same book will be re read on Thursday.

A poem book will be sent home every Friday also.  The challenge in room 8 at the moment is to read every single night. We are all trying to read more, so the more we read the clever we get!!

Have a great week, I look forward to catching up with all your tamariki through the week!!

Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Friday, 17 February 2017

Introductions and exciting news

Term 1, week 3

Kia Ora whanau/Caregivers

WOW, it's been another exciting week.  Thank you to all the parents that have purchased stationary for their child. We only have 4 more children to go until the whole class have their books ready to learn.
Your child may have come home to tell you some exciting news that I have started training to become a Reading Recovery teacher.  Another teacher will be coming into room 8 for 2 hours a day, so I can  be released to work with 4 children a day to improve their reading and writing abilities. I am very excited and can't wait to start.

A big thank you to Erana Park, Darcy's mum, who came to meet the teacher on a very wet and wild Thursday night.  Your attendance was appreciated.

I will attach my class letter to this blog post just in case you may not have seen it.

Welcome back to term one 2017
Wow, Yippee, I am excited to be back at school, it’s going to be a simply amazing year. My name is Louise Birchall and I  will be your child’s kaiako in room 8. I have been teaching at Kaikohe West for nearly 4 years.
Our term one focus is centred on getting to know your child. What their strengths are and what we can do to develop a teacher to child relationship. We will be establishing easy routines this term so our learning will be easier to implement and the children will feel comfortable in their learning space. Our Inquiry focus is centered around Identity.

Your child will be bringing home their book bags Monday-Thursday and their poem book on a Friday. Basic sight words will be included, please read these on a daily basis. Your parental input is vital to a successful year of learning and achievement for your child. Teamwork= success!!
I would really appreciate your support over the year, whatever you can do to support and motivate your child would be fantastic. Readers will be starting to go home from Week 4. Can you listen to your child read nightly please. This help would be tremendous. Swimming has already started, our swimming days are on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your tamariki bring their togs and towel in a  plastic bag on these days. Let’s all work together and have a great year at Kaikohe West School.
If you have any questions please come in and hang out with us in rm8. we have an open door policy at school and always a hot cup of tea!!
If you want to get in touch with me my email address is
Blog address
Mrs Louise Birchall (Kaiako)

Have an excellent weekend, I will see you all next week, ready for lots of fun learning adventures.

Mrs Birchall and Room 8

Friday, 10 February 2017

Welcome back to 2017

Term1, Week 2

Kia Ora Whanau/Caregivers

Hi, my name is Louise Birchall, I am going to be your child's teacher in room 8 for 2017.  I have been teaching at Kaikohe West School for the last 4 years. I am so looking forward getting to know your child and what their interests and strengths involve. Relationships are very important to me, between the children whanau and myself. It takes a village to raise a child, so let's do it together. We are going to have an exciting year, full of learning, relationships, friendships and whanaunautanga

On Friday we had Whakawhauntanga day at school, I captured some amazing photos  of the tamariki in my class laughing and enjoying themselves. The children had various activities from Rakau,  basketball, bouncy castle, swimming pool, waterslide, soccer fun then to end of a disco in rm13.

Children in room 8 have amazing dance moves. I saw many tamariki laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves😃 Don't forget we have swimming on Tuesday and Friday.

Skylah having fun on the water slide

Benjamin waiting in line patiently for the bouncy castle

Nivanna with her 1st certificate of 2017

Here is some of my lovely class for 2017

I hope you have a lovely weekend, see you all next week
Mrs Birchall and Room 8