Room 8 are Keeping Fit!!

Term 3, Week 3

Kia Ora Whanau
This week is our offical Cross Country on Thursday 11th August, at 10.30 Let's hope the weather improves before then.We have been working with Whaea Gina  to improve our fitness levels, so  we are breathing faster  and our heart is beating quicker so the blood is pumping around our body quicker.

Whaea Gina gave us a challenge to see exercise what we can do at home. This is the exercise that Room 8 did!!

Stevie- Ray- I ran up the road with my brother
Wakaroa- I did 100 Pushup's
Maria- I bounced up and down on my tramp- 64 times
Alicia- I ran up and down the driveway 3 times
Monique- Sprinting down the hallway- 34 times
Anahera R- I climbed up my door
Paytonn- Running with my Dad and Dog
Tyrone- Jumping up and down 99 times
Bevan- skipping on the spot 60 times
Harley- I sprinted around my tramp 10 times

I am very proud of my class, for their amazing efforts to keep getting fitter and healthier for Cross Country on Thursday.

Have a great week
Room 8 and Mrs Birchall


  1. Awesome work Room 8
    I am so proud of you all for going home and doing something to make you fitter for cross country.
    Wakaroa your 100 press-ups is really impressive, you would beat me for sure.
    Paytonn, I love that you involved Dad and your dog - always good to get the whanau involved too.
    Tyrone - jumping up and down 99 times is awesome! Just like burpees.

    You all did such a great job and I am going to use these examples for some of my other schools - I will tell them that Room 8 is the best too - see you all in Week 5, you can tell me what other activities you have been doing to get your heart beating faster!


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