Passion Week 2016

Term 2, Week 4

Kia Ora Whanau

This has been such an exciting week.  Everyone had so much fun being creative in our Art and Craft week.  I was focusing on creating different types of fishes using, paper, modelling clay, paint, crayon, dye, black sharpies and glitter.

 The children made paper woven fishes on Monday. On Tuesday with Mrs Neale they made modelling clay fishes that had a magnet on the back, they designed  their own. Once they were dry they painted and added glitter sprinkles on top.

On Wednesday with me, we painted and dyed a under the sea mural, from the motivation of the Rainbow fish story. Their creation looked fantastic. On Thursday we made stuffed Rainbow fishes that were painted, applied with black sharpie, tinfoil and glitter also.

On Friday we completed our Rainbow fishes and made a fish bag, that we are going to put lollies into.

At our Assembly on Friday, all the classes shared what they had done during the week. Next week I will upload their photos to show you!!!

Thank you to all the junior children that were in my Passion week group. I had so much fun re-establishing relationships with children I don't normally teach or from Tamariki I have taught in previous years.

See you next week

Mrs Birchall and her passion week tamariki.


  1. i reele like all yous have done it is so cool


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