Welcome back to term 3

Term 3, week 1

I hope you all had a happy holiday and enjoyed some quality time with your children. Next week is Maori language week with a focus on learning simple phrases, we will learn some and your tamariki will share these with you. I am also going to be handing out prizes to the children that speak the most Te Reo through the week.

I captured Eugene and Jevahn with their class certificates they received at our school assembly on Friday.

Eugene and Jevahn with their certificates

From this week we have began a new spelling programme, I was so impressed 9 out of 19 children got 100% in their spelling test. Well done to everyone that put that extra effort into achieving such awesome spelling results. keep it up!!!!!!!!

Have a great week
Mrs Birchall and room 7.


  1. Kia ora tamariki, Im so proud of all you working hard to spell words correctly.
    Celebrating success: Eugene and Jevahn keep up the hard work
    Mrs Smith

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  3. Well done room7 you are all working hard in your class.


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