Success and Learning in Room 7

Term 2, Week 7 2015

Wow, it's been a really busy week after passion week. I have finished writing the children's reports and am very pleased with the progress they have been making. Room 7 ran the school assembly on friday, they were so excited and enjoyed being confident lions and not shy little mouse's!!!

They all spoke in confident voices, I was so proud of you all. The tamariki shared the popcorn shakers they started to make with Mrs Neale on Wednesday, they looked and sounded fantastic. The popcorn was pretty amazing as well.
Whatu got his name picked out of the caught being good box and got a  bag of  Pineapple lumps- YUM, NOM. Eruera got his name pulled out from the yellow box for being at school every day and for not going on the traffic light through the week.

Well done boys, you are a great example of being successful in Room 7.

They were balancing their popcorn shakers on their heads.

I hope you have a great weekend and don't forget we have parent teacher interviews the 16th June fro 2-7pm. I am looking forward to seeing lots of parents and to share the success and achievement of their tamariki.

From Mrs Birchall and room 7